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You must enter the full name and address exactly as they appear on the letter containing your activation code in the box below to verify your activation code. If your address does have a postcode, click here to enter the postcode instead.

When choosing a password, you should:

  • not use a password you use on any other website - always use a unique password
  • not use a family/pet name, memorable place, birthday etc - people may be able to find these details on social media
  • make it at least 10 characters long - we recommend 12 characters or longer
  • use a mix of letters, numbers and punctuation - ideally, at least one of each
  • consider using a phrase rather than a word - it may be easier to remember
  • use a password manager to generate and store a complex password for you

If you need to reset your password, we will ask you to answer one of two questions you choose below. Take care when typing your answers below as the answer supplied when resetting your password must match exactly. Nobody can read the answers you enter.

What is an Activation Code?

A Dotpost Activation Code is a 16 character code unique to your name and address which helps prove that you are authorised to accept documents which would be sent to that address.

Once you redeem an Activation Code from a particular sender (a business sending their documents via post and Dotpost), any future documents that sender creates for you will be delivered via Dotpost instead of printed and posted through your letterbox.

What does an Activation Code look like?

An Activation Code is made up of 16 letters and/or numbers, e.g. ABCD-5678-WXYZ-6543. The code will only appear on letters and documents from senders you do not currently accept documents from on Dotpost. The sender may call the code an “Activation Code” or a “Dotpost Code”.

How do I get an Activation Code?

Activation Codes are issued on behalf of the sender. This will come as a paper letter delivered to your address. If you believe you should have an Activation Code, please contact the sender and ask them to request an Activation Code for you.