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Important - Do you have a Dotpost Activation Code? What is this?

What is an Activation Code?

A Dotpost Activation Code is a 16 character code unique to your name and address which helps prove that you are authorised to accept documents which would be sent to that address.

Once you redeem an Activation Code from a particular sender (a business sending their documents via post and Dotpost), any future documents that sender creates for you will be delivered via Dotpost instead of printed and posted through your letterbox.

What does an Activation Code look like?

An Activation Code is made up of 16 letters and/or numbers, e.g. ABCD-5678-WXYZ-6543. The code will only appear on letters and documents from senders you do not currently accept documents from on Dotpost. The sender may call the code an “Activation Code” or a “Dotpost Code”.

Can I register if I don't have an Activation Code?

Not immediately, but Dotpost can send you an Activation Code which should take 2-3 days to arrive. Once you have the Activation Code, you can return to this form to register.

You need a Dotpost Activation Code to authenticate your account. If you have a code, please continue to register below

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