Welcome to Dotpost

Have you been invited to register for a personal Dotpost account, and are looking for more information on how it works, what the benefits are for you, and how you can get started? You have come to the right place.

Dotpost is your very own digital post box. It’s for all of the personal, important documents that you would have previously received through your letter box, now delivered electronically straight to your own secure Dotpost account.


Dotpost works in partnership with the organisations that wish to contact you. This can be your local authority, your hospital or medical practice, your employer or any company that you receive personal letters from. Instead of them printing the letters and posting them to your home address, they now use Dotpost to get this important information to you quickly and securely.

Features and benefits for you

Once you have created an account using your email address and a unique password, you can access documents sent to you simply by logging in whenever and wherever you need. You can access your personal digital post box from your mobile phone, computer or tablet and view all of your important documents.

Organise your Documents

Dotpost allows you to arrange your documents to suit you. “Star” important documents and use labels in your Dotpost account to easily find documents, when you need them

Easy to search

You can easily search for the document you need by the title, who sent it or when it was sent, really quickly.

Other Important Documents

Dotpost can also be used to store any other documents you need, simply upload them securely.

Free of charge

There is no charge to receive, store or delete your documents in Dotpost.

It’s completely free to use and you can store your documents as long as you need them as long as your account remains active.

Safe & Secure

Dotpost is your secure digital post box. It’s been designed with years of proven experience in the financial, government and healthcare sectors. It follows industry best practice at all times.

100% Privacy

Dotpost stores your documents in our UK-based data centre and will never share or sell your details not even with the organisations sending you documents. Your documents are encrypted as they arrive into Dotpost so only you can read them.


Dotpost will let you know via a notification that you have new documents so you never miss an important communication.

Any questions?

Would you like some help to get started, or have a few more questions?

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If there is anything our team can help with please send an email with your name, telephone number and question to dotpost@cfh.com and our dedicated support team will be pleased to get in touch as quickly as possible.

About CFH

Dotpost was created in-house to industry-secure standards by CFH - the UK’s leading secure multi-channel communication company. CFH help our clients make meaningful connections with their customers. From print and mail to online solutions, we’re partners in efficient, cost-effective communications. All underpinned by our commitment to close relationships, impeccable service and a responsible, sustainable way of doing business.

Would you like the re-assurance that your data is in safe hands? Take a look at our accreditations and certifications here.

We are passionate about technology, communications and minimising our impact on the environment, by ensuring we have a sustainable approach to everything we do.

Dotpost for your business

It allows organisations like yours to send digital communications quickly, easily, cost effectively and most importantly, securely. Built with leading security at its core and powered by a framework of expertise, compliance and data security we can help you communicate without any constraints.

Do you have a requirement to send sensitive data, but are worried about the risks with email? Are your communications too large to be sent by email? Dotpost eliminates any concerns with security, the sending of sensitive data and attachment sizes. This secure digital delivery service is so much more than email. 

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