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What is Dotpost?

Dotpost is your secure online document hub, enabling you to store and organise any document important to you on any of your devices, keeping them safely in the cloud to access them where and when you need them.

Goodbye Paper

Dotpost works with the organisations sending you appointment letters, bills, statements and more to help them switch from printing and posting documents to delivering electronic documents to your Dotpost inbox.

A Clever, Automatic Filing Cabinet

Whether you have a carefully organised filing cabinet or a heap of unopened mail, Dotpost makes it easy to scan and upload those insurance policies, credit agreements and warranties. Dotpost can automatically file new documents so the information you need is just a few clicks away.

Example Dotpost Inbox

Dotpost Puts You in Control

Document Tags

Organise Documents your Way

A filing cabinet lets you put a document in just one folder but, with Dotpost labels, you can put a document in as many virtual folders as needed so you can organise your documents to suit.


Find that Document in Seconds

Search your documents by title, who sent you it, when it was sent and/or the labels you have applied to the document, meaning that any document is just a few keystrokes away.

Upload your Documents

Upload your Other Documents

Dotpost is a convenient place for all of your documents, whether or not they were sent to Dotpost. You can upload your PDFs and images direct to your inbox.

Free to Use

All Win, No Fee

Dotpost does not and will not charge you to receive documents from other companies or to upload your own documents. Storage is free for as long as you need it.

Safe and Secure

Safe & Secure

Dotpost is designed to be as secure as possible, backed by years of proven experience in the financial and healthcare sectors, industry best practice, third party testing and 24/7 monitoring.

We Take Privacy Seriously

We Take your Privacy Seriously

Dotpost stores your documents in our UK-based data centre and will never sell your details. Your documents are encrypted as they arrive at Dotpost so only you can read them.

No Junk Mail

No Junk Mail

You decide who is allowed to send you documents via Dotpost - we cannot stop companies from sending you postal mail but we can guarantee no unsolicited mail will arrive in your Dotpost inbox.

Automation Tools

Stay Organised, Automatically

Dotpost notifies you when a document arrives so you only login when you need to. You can setup rules to automatically label documents as they arrive so it's filed properly the moment it arrives.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Dotpost eliminates the need to print documents, put them in paper envelopes and post them through the trains, planes, trucks and vans that make up the postal network.

Anytime. Anywhere.

You can view and manage your documents stored in Dotpost on any device with a web browser - your smartphone, tablet, PC or TV - enabling you to access all of your important documents in one secure inbox from wherever you are.

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Dotpost for Business

As a business, communicating with your customers and clients through Dotpost has significant and far-reaching cost-saving benefits. Since Dotpost launched in 2014, it has delivered more than 3 million documents for small businesses, multinational corporations and both local and national government services. New organisations start sending documents via Dotpost every week.

Save Time & Money

Postal mail is expensive: letters need to be printed on paper, inserted into envelopes, stamped/franked and posted out, all of which has a real financial and time cost. With a 2nd class stamp price ever increasing, Dotpost electronic delivery can cut mailing costs by up to 90% over and above the time spent printing and posting.

Print to Electronic Migration

Dotpost uses the names and addresses already in your mailing data to simplify the move from entirely postal delivery to a hybrid solution of both posted and electronic delivery, onwards to completely electronic delivery. Whether your customers move to electronic delivery gradually or rapidly, you will realise cost savings immediately.

Guaranteed Delivery

With Dotpost, all deliveries are special deliveries at no extra charge: set your mailings to launch immediately or in the future as needed, and Dotpost will notify your customers and provide confirmation of delivery to you.

Simple Campaign Management

Dotpost provides intuitive web-based tools to manage campaigns and mailings, whether you need to send a simple quarterly letter, or a complex multi-cell campaign with several mailings launching each day, Dotpost makes it easy.

Powerful Reports

Detailed reports give you the metrics you need in a way that postal mail cannot: how many customers you reached via the electronic channel, how many documents were read, when documents were read to plan call centre staffing levels and so on.

User Access Control

Whether you are a sole trader or a global organisation, create as few or as many users as necessary to manage your Dotpost presence: permit or block access to mailing controls, MI reporting and admin tasks as required to suit.

Dedicated Support

Dotpost is backed by a dedicated UK-based team offering the telephone and email support you need to make the most of Dotpost. Business day support is included as standard with additional options available.

Dotpost Integration API

A rich API enables you to integrate Dotpost seamlessly into your existing document generation processes. Comprehensive documentation and technical support enables your developers to get up and running quickly.

Contact Dotpost Business

For further information, please send an email to and Dotpost will be pleased to get in touch as quickly as possible.

About CFH Docmail Ltd

Dotpost is wholly created in-house to industry-secure standards by CFH Docmail Ltd, one of the UK’s leading secure (ISO/IEC 27001:2013) print and post companies.

Formed in 1977, CFH Docmail Ltd turns over £45m per annum and has been involved in secure print and mail over most of that period, building up a solid reputation for security, integrity and innovation within the industry.

This experience has lead us to create and expand the successful hybrid mail brand Docmail, allowing anyone to benefit from low cost, secure print and mail, no matter how many items they send.

It was in this spirit that Dotpost was created, allowing everybody to take advantage of simple-to-use, fully featured mail management.

In addition, we are passionate about the environment. All our Dotpost servers are powered by renewable energy and CFH Docmail founded the Toptree Initiative in 1997 which has been responsible for the planting of over 100,000 deciduous trees in the UK to date.

Our track record for security, dependability and longevity is something we, as a company, are proud of and something you, as a Dotpost user, can have complete confidence in.